Nawsheen Khodabux

Compliance and Corporate Governance Consultant


Nawsheen is an Associate Member of The ICSA: The Chartered Governance Institute (ACIS, ACG, MA, BSc). She has more than 10 years of professional experience in the global business sector in Mauritius. After completing her Bachelor’s Degree in Management, she flew to London to read her Master’s degree in Corporate Governance at Kingston University, along with her ICSA professional qualification. Nawsheen began her career at IQ-EQ Global Business (Mauritius) Ltd in 2010, prior to joining Ocorian in 2013. She then shifted to the JurisTax Group in January 2021 as Group Company Secretary. Throughout her career in leading management companies in Mauritius, Nawsheen was entrusted the responsibility of handling the files of high net-worth clients. She also served as ISO and ISAE champion to ensure compliance with internal requirements and standards. In the discharge of her duties as ISAE champion, she provided assistance for the establishment of standardisation processes. Nawsheen’s exposure mostly covers fields of governance, compliance, corporate administration and company secretarial.