Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance

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Corporate Governance


The essence of corporate governance is to ensure that a business has proper decisionmaking processes and controls in place so that the interests of all stakeholders (shareholders, employees, suppliers, customers and the community) are balanced. 

Corporate governance is a pre-defined set of rules, practices, and processes by which participants in a company follows as part of their rights and responsibilities to ensure transparent decision-making process and protecting the interests of all stakeholders. Generally, these pre-defined set of rules, practices and processes are incorporated in the internal procedure manuals of the company.

Course goals:

The learning outcomes of the course will allow participants to:

  • have a deeper understanding of corporate governance;
  • have a guide for future better decision-making process for the company;
  • have a guide for future better daily tasks on behalf of the company; and
  • devise better internal procedures for the company.

Duration of course:

Expected to be delivered and completed within 15 minutes.


  • Section 1: Definition
  • Section 2: Corporate Level
  • Section 3: Characteristics of Good Governance
  • Section 4: Benefits of Good Governance
  • Section 5: Stakeholders Concerned
  • Section 6: Stakeholders Interest
  • Section 7: Corporate Failure & Emergence of Corporate Governance
  • Section 8: Key Issues in Corporate Governance

Course tutor

Nawsheen Khodabux

Compliance and Corporate Governance Consultant

About our tutor

Nawsheen began her career at IQ-EQ in 2010, prior to joining Ocorian in 2013. She then shifted to the JurisTax Group in January 2021 as Group Company Secretary. Throughout her career, Nawsheen served as ISO and ISAE champion to ensure compliance with internal requirements and standards. In the discharge of her duties as ISAE champion, she provided assistance for the establishment of standardisation processes.