Duties of Directors

Corporate Governance

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Duties of Directors


A company acts through two main clusters of people – its shareholders and its board of directors. The board of directors is in charge of the management of the company’s business. They make the strategic and operational decisions of the company and is responsible for ensuring that the company meets its statutory obligations. 

The directors are appointed by the shareholders to manage the day-to-day affairs of the company. The shareholders are the owners of the company and provide financial backing in return for potential dividends over the lifetime of the company. The duties and powers of directors are generally governed under statutory companies law and by the memorandum or articles of association of the company.

The main duties are:

  • Act within powers
  • Promote the success of the company
  • Exercise independent judgment
  • Exercise reasonable care, skill

Course goals:

The learning outcomes of the course will allow participants to:

  • Have a deeper understanding of directors duties;
  • Have a deeper understanding of directors powers;
  • Have a guide for the future better decision-making processes for the company
  • Have a guide for future better daily tasks on behalf of the company; and
  • Devise better internal procedures for the company.

Duration of course:

Expected to be delivered and completed within 16 minutes.


  • Section 1: Definition
  • Section 2: Types of Directors
  • Section 3: Who cannot be a Director
  • Section 4: Directors' Duties

Course tutor

Nawsheen Khodabux

Compliance and Corporate Governance Consultant

About our tutor

Nawsheen is an Associate Member of The ICSA: The Chartered Governance Institute. She has more than 10 years of professional experience in the global business sector in Mauritius. As a Chartered Secretary and a Chartered Governance Professional, Nawsheen’s exposure mostly covers the fields of governance, compliance, corporate administration and also company secretarial functions.