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International Financial Centre


An International Financial Centre (IFC) is a location with attractive business regulatory frameworks and a concentration of both banking and non-banking financial services service providers. An IFC caters mostly to customers located outside the jurisdiction of the local economy.

Customers turn to IFCs for the following main services:

  • Corporate set-ups further to tax, business, or estate planning;
  • Banking;
  • Asset Management;
  • Financial market; and
  • Others.

Course goals:

The learning outcomes of the course will allow participants to:

  • Understand the rationale of an IFC;
  • Understand the fiscal & business advantages of using an IFC;
  • Understand the categories of financial service providers in an IFC;
  • Understand the offerings of financial service providers from an IFC; and
  • Understand the international reporting requirements of an IFC.

Duration of course: 

Expected to be delivered and completed within 62 minutes.


  • Section 1: Introduction to International Financial Centre and Tax Architectures for IFCS
  • Section 2: Using the IFC: Rational & Benefits | Service Providers & Service Offering within an IFC
  • Section 3: Illustrations: Typical uses of IFCS

Course tutor

Akshar Maherally

Tax Planning & Corporate Structuring Specialist

About our tutor

Akshar has acquired some twenty years of experience at one of the leading Fund and Corporate Service Providers in Mauritius. During his career, Akshar has developed extensive technical expertise relevant to the global business industry. He is a seasoned tax specialist and has a strong record for advising on tax planning and corporate structuring matters.